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"As I have had Physical Therapy in 3 states and 4 countries, I have had opportunity to compare quite a few different physical therapists.  Anytime I'm in CA and need PT, I return to Dwight at CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY in Palm Desert.  He is the most knowledgeable physical therapist who has ever treated me, whether it was for my for shoulder or elbow tendonitis, low back, neck or hip pain or, broken wrist, which was very tricky.  (Yes, I am a bit of a mess).  In fact, I have even made special trips to have treatment by him in complicated cases.  Dwight is the only physical therapist I've been to who gives customized exercise that goes beyond the typical, standardized print-out sheets that most PTs use.  In the office, he uses ultrasound, massage, specialized taping technique and aqua-therapy as needed.  In addition, Jeannie, the Office Manager, does everything she can to accommodate convenient appointments as well as answering insurance questions, etc.  They are both friendly and pleasant to work with.  I highly recommend CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY in Palm Desert."
-Bonnie L.

"Dwight at CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY is on the cutting edge in the field of Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy. Dwight's education, experience, professionalism, extensive training, patient care and applied experience in the fields of Physical Therapy, Exercise Science and Kinesiology are Second to None! He is a Five-Star Physical Therapist that Truly Cares about his patients and gets them back on the Road to Recovery as quickly as possible. I Highly recommend Dwight & his personal staff and am confident you will be pleased with your results!"
-Steve D.

"If you need a physical therapist anywhere near Palm Desert, CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY is the best! Dwight understood that my back pain was connected to my hips and my knees. He used soft tissue release and expert kinesio-taping to relieve the pain and help the joint recover. He and his staff make you feel like you matter, and they are sincerely interested in getting to the bottom of your pain. I definitely recommend Dwight Cornish!"
-Jessica M.

"CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY located in Palm Desert has been the best possible experience with physical therapy I could ask for. I was in a serious car accident and came to Dwight a total mess (my neck, shoulders, chest and entire back had been really hurt). He has given me the gift of understanding what is going on inside my body and unraveling the mysteries one by one for me. It has been a really tough experience but him and Jeannie have been so helpful on every level! Not only is Dwight a fantastic physical therapist but he is compassionate and so very kind. I know I have a long road ahead of me but on my bad days he helps me understand what's going on and shows me ways to feel better (taping and stretching). On my good days we keep tromping forward with new exercises to help my recovery keep moving in the right direction! I feel so lucky and grateful to have found such a fantastic physical therapist! No matter what part of your body hurts or needs help give CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY a call...It will be the best choice you could make!"
-Tara D.

"CORNISH PHYSICAL THERAPY in Palm Desert was doing such a thorough job treating a second family member suffering with a herniated disk that when I needed physical therapy I knew Dwight Cornish was the one and only person I would trust with my back. He fixed my husband's back, then I watched him work on my son's back. He doesn't just throw you on a machine and show you how to exercise, he spells out WHY you are given a particular exercise, and WHY you need to stretch a particular way, and HOW those particular moves affect another connecting muscle, which connects to even other muscles. He listens to you and links your concerns with a remedy that will work personally for YOU. There is no "cookie cutter" remedy or solution in Dwight's regimen. If you have pain in your back or hip I encourage anyone to let Dwight show the best way to eliminate the pain and also PREVENT it from returning. AWESOME customer service and personal approach, great handouts to take home, and a couple years back when my husband had PT from Dwight, he even took photos of my hubby in a particular stretch then emailed them to my husband so he could remember the different stretches to use. Dwight will tell you what his plan is, why he thinks the plan is best for YOU, and at the close of each visit he tells you what will likely happen the next visit. He checks with you at the beginning of the visit to see how you feel and how you have progressed in between visits so his physical therapy session can be adjusted with your current needs. Such a personal approach! Thanks Dwight!"
-Bobbie L. 

74-057 Highway 111, Palm Desert, CA 92260
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